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I am excited to be participating in my first Halloweensie Contest. If you want to challenge yourself and win some great prizes, this a great opportunity!

Some few requirements:

-100 words or less

-Kid appeal as it's for children ages 12 and under

-Story with an arc even if it's tiny

-Must use the words: skeleton, mask, creep (may use the words in any form – e.g. skeletons, creepy/crept, masked/unmasked)

-Must be crystal clear that it's a Halloween story (not just some random spooky night)

You can read more about the contest here. Contest ends on Saturday October 31st at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Thank you Susanna Leonard Hill for running this contest. Hope you enjoy my entry.

Little Frankie Patches Things Up By

Rozana Rajkumari

Wc 90

The ghost, the mummy, the skeleton and the witch were dead to each other. It was not always so, their friendship  decomposed due to a grave mistake. And Little Frankie wanted to patch them up. So he invited them to his Halloween party. One by one they crept in and one by one he unmasked them. “See, we have so much in common. We’re all humans inside,” said Little Frankie.  Now that they were together he felt whole. As he was part ghost, part mummy,  part skeleton, and part witch.

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