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Halloweensie 2021!

It's my 2nd year participating in Halloweensie but the contest itself is nearing its teenage years, 11 to be precise! Kudos to the wonderful Susanna Hill for keeping us inspired and motivated with her fang-tastic contests! Hope you have as much fun reading my story, Ghostmetics as I had writing it. Find more info and read the spooktacular entries here.

WC limit: 100

Words to be included: goodies, glow-in-the-dark, goosebumps

Age group: 12 and under



Rozana Rajkumari

WC 96

My sister's so unghoul.

She never shares anything with me.

Gl'oreal sent her Boo-berry lip gloss (that I've been dying to try).

But she only shares with her BooTube channel subscribers.

While reviewing the gloss on Halloween, she swipes then—shrieks!

I get goosebumps. Her lips disappear!

The video goes viral and she wails in her crypt.

Mummy says no Howl-oween without her.

So, I brew a cure from grandmummy's book.

She swipes my goop then—smiles.

Her bootiful lips glow-in-the-dark. Perfect for trick-or-tricking.

Even better, she now shares bags of goodies with me.

My sister's so ghoul!

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3 comentarios

30 oct 2021

Ahhh! I LOVE it!!! So good, Rozana. 👏👏

Me gusta

30 oct 2021

Rozana, this is so cool-or should I say, ghoul?!😄 LOVE the play on words. Well done!👏👏

Me gusta

Christine Alemshah
Christine Alemshah
29 oct 2021

I loved it!! “BooTube” “So Ghoul” - the language was so fun and fitting for the contest!!

Me gusta
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