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Lemon-Tine my Valentiny story

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

It's time for Susanna Hill's annual Valentiny Contest! This year's theme is bravery and we have to write a story in under 214 words. Check out the other lovely entries here. I hope you enjoy my story and Happy Valentine's Day!

Update - I'm thrilled to receive an Honorable Mention for my story!



Rozana Rajkumari

Wc 181

Valentine's Day—always a busy day at the bakery.

Sour Lemon eyed the competition.

Mr. Popular—tall, dark Chocolate preened himself.

Apples and Strawberries gave Lemon the blues.

The baker always picked them.

Lemon felt bitter.

Lemon knew all too well what happened to the fruits not chosen.

They were dropped in a big black bag never to be seen again.

He had to be brave if he wanted the day to bear fruit.

So, he rocked.

But he didn’t roll.


He squeezed with all his might.

“Careful there, you might pop a seed,” sniggered Strawberry.

And Lo! He rolled.

But uh-oh.

Scissors straight ahead!

Lemon made a sharp turn.

He whooped and didn’t see where he was going.

He flew over the edge of the kitchen counter.

Bounced and rolled.

Until he came to rest near the baker’s feet.

“Hey there, little fella!”

She picked Lemon up, "You’re just the

missing ingredient to brighten the recipes!”

So she used a bit of zest here.

And a squeeze of juice there.

When the aromas reached Lemon,

he could finally taste sweet success.

Thanks to a dash of bravery.

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