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Fall Writing Frenzy 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The title is apt as I just launched my website and I am on a writing frenzy. I entered this contest earlier but getting around to posting it now. The contest entailed submitting a 200-word story inspired by images posted for the contest. It's run by Lydia Lukidis and author agent Kaitlyn Sanchez, you can find more details here.

I selected image 2 courtesy of Unsplash. Hope you enjoy my entry.

And Then There Were None

Rozana Rajkumari

Wc 176

Ten little trick o’ treaters went out in a line;

The shadow claimed one and then there were Nine.

Nine little trick o’ treaters jumped across a gate;

One got impaled and then there were Eight.

Eight little trick o’ treaters found a raven;

It poked one’s eyes out and then there were Seven.

Seven little trick o’ treaters playing tricks;

One got spooked and then there were Six.

Six little trick o’ treaters went for a drive;

One got crushed and then there were Five.

Five little trick o’ treaters going out for more;

One choked on the candy and then there were Four.

Four little trick o’ treaters passing by the cemetery;

One stayed behind and then there were Three.

Three little trick o’ treaters making a brew;

One fell in the hot cauldron and then there were Two.

Two little trick o’ treaters hiding in an oven;

One was overdone and then there was One.

One little trick o’ treater left all alone;

He walked off a cliff and then there were None.

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