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50 Precious Words - Anatomy of a Friendship

Vivian Kirkfield's very short and sweet contest is on! I had so much fun and agony while writing this story. I'm a word samurai, I like to cut words (the fun part). But, I wanted to keep some lines (the agony part). For the contest, we have to write a 50-word story that's appropriate for kids ages 12 and under. The contest runs from today till the 7th of March. So plenty of time to come up with a story. Read all the short-on-words-but-big-on-fabulousness entries here.

Hope you enjoy my story.



Rozana Rajkumari

Wc 36

Mouths fight

Eyes avert

Lips frown

Backs turn

Faces fall

Hearts break

Foot trips

Knee skins

Mouth cries

Legs dash

Arms reach

Hands help

Mouth thanks

Eyes meet

Lips smile

Backs lighten

Faces brighten

Hearts mend

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